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Impress your customers. Save money on packaging. Our beautiful mailing paper tubes double up as retail packaging for your products. They are in stock and are ready to be shipped out to you in as quick as 24 to 48 hours. Yeah baby! Shop now »

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Custom Paper Tubes

Packaging tubes with your company's logo are an effective means of getting your items into the hands of your customers in tip-top condition. Our range of cardboard paper tubes is ideal for use as cosmetic containers, fragrance packaging, candle packaging, t-shirt packaging, coffee and tea storage containers, and retail product displays. These customized paper cylinders are crafted from premium, heavy-duty cardboard in a finish that will stand up to the rigors of the mail and package sorting process without breaking a sweat. Their thick, indestructible walls also make them resistant to crushing.

Our paper tube packaging can be customized with an engraved or foil-stamped rendition of your logo or other product name, so your packaging takes on a custom feel that gives your business a touch of distinction and class and sets you apart as shoulders above your competition. We can also create completely custom tubes, including custom sizes to fit nearly any product, and we can incorporate full-color artwork into the design of your packaging.

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