Paper Tube Packaging To Create Your California Cannabis Brand


Can You Brand Cannabis?

Part of the 13.5 Million lb Marijuana Crop

Not all cannabis is created equal. Each strain has its own characteristics, ranging from mellow relief to racy, energetic effects. Quality pot is a science, and passionate cultivators learn the best ways to hone on that craft — and in California, especially with the passage of Prop. 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) — now more than ever, growers need to build their look and brand to stand out in California’s crowded cannabis market!

Despite the variety and quality of cannabis strains, in a state that produced more than 13.5 million pounds of marijuana last year, and with the influx of corporate growers this year, cannabis products are on the fast track to becoming a commodity.

Think of this like the market for ink pens. They are so cheap and so common, you don’t care, except, if one package is some no-name brand and the one next to it says Bic, you buy the Bic pens…you know and trust the brand.

Buyers judge your product on your look, your brand and…here’s the key for when retail display matters…your packaging. It is the one, immediate visual clue as to the class and excellence of your offering, it gets your product noticed on the shelf.

If They Don’t See Your Package, Do You Really Exist?

For California growers that have taken the time to source and deliver quality products, but haven not taken the time to build their brand, they risk obscurity and invisibility in what is rapidly becoming an over-supplied market. Experts predict California’s marijuana market to be in the billions of dollars and growing from there. Current and future growers may create some of the best, most recognizable cannabis strains, but if they don’t stand out on the shelves, if people don’t recognize and trust their brand, it may not matter; you don’t want to be the no-name package next to the trusted brand. (Google Search: The Importance of Branding – 8.52M results!)

Marijuana Packaging with Custom Paper Tubes

Today, most weed packaging design is almost painfully boring. Suppliers often use simple pill bottles or worse, use the same types of bags as beef jerky or trail mix — quick, name a brand of either product! (I can’t.)

Without Branding, Products Just Blend Together

Even marijuana oils and edibles tend to come in basic, thrift-store quality glass bottles with nothing that makes the cannabis packaging special. Some joint packaging can be found in boxes or cans, but in general, the pot packaging industry is woefully uninventive.

Here at The Paper Tube Co., we make cannabis packaging tubes that are not only highly functional, well beyond being sturdy and available in a variety of stock and custom sizes, but are unique and stimulating in look and in feel — we’re talking custom printing and custom materials all designed to make your products stand out on the shelf in this crowded market.

Royal Reserve Pre-Roll Custom Tube Packaging

In essence, our paper tubes help build your brand. We provide finely crafted tubes and have decades of experience in packaging expertise.

For people who think of paper tubing as a cylindrical box for a poster, this aint that! We can customize our tubes with some of the finest design elements available. For example, we can create tubes with elements such as: Foil Stamping, Embossed, Matte/Gloss Finish, Die Cut, PVC Windows, Textures and More.

Depending on your need, we can deliver stock tubes with your logo and text on a variety of mediums from paper to cloth to leather. It’s about what works for you. We work with you to build the package that makes the most sense, be it different end options, like rolled edge, flat edge, and plug or tubes with  inserts, ribbons or other packaging add-ons that complement the cannabis product inside. There are one piece tubes, two piece tubes, 3 piece tubes, and even non-cylindrical shapes like triangular and ovular options. All of these create a final package that genuinely stands out. Picture it, there’s marijuana product A in a bag, product B in a jar and your product — getting noticed — packaged in a custom paper tube.

Evolab THC CBD Packaging

From Generic Cannabis Body Oil, to Branded ExcellenceIt’s not only the visual appearance of cannabis paper tubes that make it the best choice. The features of these tubes are also ideal for maintaining the freshness of your product:

  • The shape of paper tubes is naturally resistant to bends and creases.
  • If needed, we can supply cannabis tubes with food grade, oil resistant inner linings.
  • Tubes are easier to store and display, as they are free standing designs.

While paper tubes are functionally and aesthetically better as cannabis packaging, ours give growers and manufacturers a truly standout form of marijuana packaging that shows you are something special, that you have built a brand, a brand people recognize and trust.

For more information, questions or if you would like to order samples, contact us and we will get you what you need.