Custom, Unique Packaging: See Why Paper Tubing is the Key to Cannabis Sales

Not all cannabis is created equal. Each strain has its own characteristics, ranging from mellow relief to racy, energetic effects. Quality pot is a science, and passionate cultivators learn the best ways to hone on that craft.

But when the average person heads to the dispensary, to fill a prescription or is just looking to unwind with some edibles, a joint or even cook that special cannabis dish they’re not comparing and contrasting all of the different pot sources (i.e., Packaging Points to Qualityindustrial or mom & pop growers). They’re judging your product on your packaging. It is the one, immediate visual clue as to the class and excellence of your product.


If They Don’t See Your Package, Is It Really For Sale?

For companies that have taken the time to source and deliver quality cannabis products, but haven not taken the time to differentiate themselves with unique packaging, that’s a problem. You may create some of the best, most recognizable cannabis strains, but if you don’t stand out on the shelves of the dispensary, it may not matter. While you can’t say no one will buy it, you can wonder what the sales volume could be if they did notice your product!


Marijuana Packaging with Custom Paper Tubes

Most weed packaging design is almost painfully boring. They’re often simple pill bottles or worse, in the same types of bags as beef jerky or trail mix. Marijuana packagingEven marijuana oils and edibles tend to come in basic, thrift-store quality glass bottles with nothing that makes the cannabis packaging special. Some joint packaging can be found in boxes or cans, but in general, the pot packaging industry is woefully uninventive.

Here at The Paper Tube Co., we make cannabis packaging that is actually… well… good. We provide finely crafted paper tubes, and have decades of experience in packaging expertise for those looking for a more custom solution.

People think of paper tubing as the cylindrical boxes that you put posters in, but that doesn’t do these packages justice. We can customize our tubes with some of the finest design elements available. For example, we can create tubes with elements such as:

  • Foil Stamping   
  • Embossed
  • Matte/Gloss Finish
  • Die Cut
  • PVC Windows
  • Textures, and More

Depending on your need, we can deliver stock tubes with your logo and text on a variety of mediums from paper to cloth to leather. It’s about what works for you. We work with you to build the package that makes the most senses, be it different end options, like rolled edge, flat edge, and plug or tubes with  inserts, ribbons or other packaging add-ons that complement the cannabis product inside. There are one piece tubes, two piece tubes, 3 piece tubes, and even non-cylindrical shapes like triangular and ovular options. All of these create a final package that genuinely stands out on store shelves.

It’s not only the visual appearance of cannabis paper tubes that make it the best choice. The features of these tubes are also ideal for maintaining the freshness of your product:

  • The shape of paper tubes is naturally resistant to bends and creases.
  • If needed, we can supply cannabis tubes with food grade, oil resistant inner linings.
  • Tubes are easier to store and display, as they are free standing designs.

Paper tubes are functionally and aesthetically better as cannabis packaging, and give growers and manufacturers a truly stand out form of marijuana packaging that shows buyers that you’re something special.

Be Unique in Your Packaging

They say not to judge a book buy its cover. But for those interested in  purchasing cannabis, the cover is often the differentiator when deciding which purchase they will make. Packaging marijuana in unique custom paper tubing will give you that upper edge on store shelves.

For more information, questions or if you would like to order samples, contact us and we will get you what you need.


Custom Paper Tube Packaging for T-Shirts, Apparel, and Accessories

T-Shirt Paper Tubes
The apparel and fashion accessories industry is one of the toughest on Earth; competition is high, profit margins are razor-thin, and today’s consumers are choosier than ever. Using custom paper tubes for t-shirts, ties, socks, jeans, underwear, and other apparel will save you money, promote an environmentally conscious corporate image to your customers, enhance your brand, and help your products stand out in an intensively competitive market.

Think Outside the Bag

Remember, being innovative, creative, and cost-effective are key difference-makers in the world of packaging for fashion apparel and accessories. While customers are purchasing what’s inside a shipping package, what’s on the outside counts just as much because that’s what the customer sees first when they open their mailbox.

Think paper tube packaging. Because soft goods cannot be broken during shipping, many online sellers ship apparel items in plain plastic bags. While plastic bags are inexpensive, lightweight, and functional, they don’t do a thing to distinguish your brand, and they may even leave a bad first impression on today’s environmentally conscious consumers. Like plastic shipping bags, cardboard paper tubes are functional, lightweight, and inexpensive – but they also have a luxury look and feel that fashion consumers will love at first sight. Additionally, the design can be customized to your exact specifications; you can include your company’s logo, full color artwork, barcode labels, and more. And, unlike those wasteful plastic bags that end up clogging landfills, spiral paper tubes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so customers can reuse, re-purpose, or recycle them. It is a feature that just keeps on giving benefits to consumers, manufacturers, and retailers. There is true value in paper tube packaging.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Tubes”!

T-shirt paper tubes aren’t just a functional and inexpensive shipping option; they are also perfect for use in retail displays. Apparel items are a challenge to display in retail stores. If they are hung on racks or folded on shelves, shoppers will fling the pieces around, and the apparel becomes soiled or damaged, or ends up in unruly piles. Paper tube packaging eliminates those potential problems, protecting your merchandise from all types of shopping frenzies. And, its unique look is an attention-grabber that will make your product stand out among those bland unpackaged items, cardboard boxes, and plastic bags, catching customers’ eyes as they scan crowded store aisles. Let paper tubes be your secret sales agents!

The Paper Tube Company offers custom t-shirt tube packaging and custom paper tubes for socks, belts, underwear, ties, and all other types of apparel and fashion accessories, with no minimum order required. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Look Who’s Using Paper Tubes

Below are some examples of t-shirt, apparel and accessories companies, large and small, who use custom paper tubes to showcase their products. Infinite customization options are available – full color printing, custom die-cuts, barcodes and QR codes, sealing labels, foil stamping and embossing, and many others.

Paper Tube Packaging for Tshirts and Clothing

Custom Paper Tube Packaging for Cosmetics & Beauty Products

Cosmetics Paper Tubes
Edgy design and real cost savings are the twofold advantage of using custom paper tubes for cosmetics packaging.

Supplying the “It” Factor

“It’s got the look!” That is the difference-maker that prompts a consumer to reach for one beauty product over another in this industry. While quality ingredients definitely matter, the emotional message a beautifully package delivers holds equal relevance to consumers. After all, how can a customer feel that a product will make them beautiful if it is not presented beautifully itself?

Luxury cosmetics packaging can be tricky. Your product’s package is the first impression your customers get of your brand. All packaging sends a message to a buyer. It is huge part of the “Why?” in a consumer’s buying decision and that is why it is so critical that your packaging design represents your brand well. The package is the beginning of the relationship between a manufacturer and their customer base. For a consumer, cosmetics packaging needs to look and feel as great as when they are actually using your product.

Going for the Green!

Green packaging is an environmental issue that smart companies must address to win over customers and capture their attention. This has become a growing concern for manufacturers of consumer products, including cosmetics and fragrances; consumers are demanding that the beauty industry adopt green packaging practices. The packaging has to be beautiful but practical, and it must deliver a message that it is eco-friendly.

In many cases, packaging transcends its original purpose. The packaging that we supply represents an eco-friendly ideal which people seek to identify with in their own value system.

Custom paper tubes are a great alternative to environmentally unfriendly plastic containers and dull cardboard cartons. Paper tubes designed to hold cosmetic and beauty products are affordable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Additionally, the packaging protects its contents, especially fragile glass fragrance bottles.

At the same time, paper tube packaging has a unique luxury look and feel that will make your cosmetics and beauty brand stand out on the shelf and delight your customers when they hold your products in their hands.

In addition to external packaging of fragrance bottles, skin care products, and cosmetics, non-porous paper tubes are available to directly package items such push-up lip balm, powders, and creams.

Paper Tubes Wrap Beautifully Around Your Budget, Too!

On top of all the features that your customers will see as benefits, perhaps the best feature of paper tube packaging is its cost-effectiveness. It gets the job done on numerous levels, including that ever-vital value-to-cost proposition.

Paper Tube Company is a supplier of custom designed cosmetics packaging wholesale; contact us today for a quote.

Look Who’s Using Paper Tubes

Below are some examples of beauty and cosmetics companies, large and small, who use custom paper tubes to showcase their products. Infinite customization options are available – full color printing, custom die-cuts, barcodes and QR codes, sealing labels, foil stamping and embossing, and many others.

Paper Tube Packaging for Cosmetics & Beauty Products

FRONT Uses Custom Paper Tubes as Coffee Packaging

We recently had the pleasure of working with FRONT, a San Francisco based cafe slash destination for artists and designers. They purchased our 7″ craft paper tubes to use for coffee samplers that are housed in individual tins and placed inside the paper tubes. We laser etched their logo on the top and they attached a custom printed label to the side showing what flavors of coffee the tube contained. The final product looked fantastic. Here are some photos (taken by FRONT, by the way).

Coffee Paper Tubes
Coffee Paper Tubes
Coffee Paper Tubes

Custom Kraft Paper Tubes for Jewelry Designer

We produce lots of kraft finish paper tubes, especially with engraving. Many of those tubes contain very fine details or small text. And the question many customers ask is how do those details come out. The answer is, as you can see below, GREAT. These 8″ custom paper tubes were laser engraved with a block of text and every single letter is nice and crisp and readable, even by your grandmother. Made for Raw and Refined.

Custom Paper Tubes
Custom Paper Tubes
Custom Paper Tubes
Custom Paper Tubes