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Packaging is a Big Part of Building a Brand

Your luxury product has an image. Its brand signifies quality, value, and distinction. Whether it is chocolate, wine, jewelry, perfume, or any other type of luxury item, its presentation needs to show that your product is exceptional, and that it is worth the consumer’s attention.

This presentation is not limited to name and logo. It is also a part of its packaging. Every luxury item needs its own unique packaging that sets it apart from the generic.

It is that desire to be distinctive that attracts people to paper tube packaging from the Paper Tube Company.

What it Means to Be Unique

As one of the premier options in luxury packaging suppliers, we have developed high end paper tube packages
that can be customized with many different luxury features, including:

  • Metallic Foil Stamping
  • Embossed and Debossed Lettering and Graphics
  • Spot color and CMYK printing

These luxury packaging boxes also have excellent quality hand feel, giving the impression of value from the moment it is touched in the hand. The cylindrical shape stands proudly on retails shelves, and captures attention in a way that few other types of packaging can offer. In addition, each one is made with material that indicate quality, as each one is eco-friendly and durable.

Turn Your Luxury Packaging Ideas into Designs

At Paper Tube Company, our goal is not only to supply paper tubing – but also to customize it based on your ideas and vision. As luxury packaging manufacturers, we work with a variety of industries that are looking to create products that appear more valuable and desirable in retail settings, and we believe that these paper tubes match those goals.

We have several paper tube options that are available with no minimums, and our custom paper tubing has lower minimums than many other luxury packaging companies. Our ability to match your creative designs is also second to none,and we make sure that each one is priced affordably so that you can get the most return on your investment.

Browse Our Ready-to-Ship Inventory or Contact Us for Custom Tubing

Our no-minimum ready-made luxury tube packaging is available to order right now, and we would love to hear more about any unique packaging request that you have. Please feel free browse our website to find the perfect packaging option or your product’s needs or email us at if you have any questions or need additional information. Whether you need stock order, ready-to-go or 100% Custom Paper Tubes, made from scratch to your specifications, we either have it or we can make it. Are you ready for a packaging upgrade?

Custom Paper Tube Packaging for Vape Bottles and e-Liquids

custom paper tubes for vape and e-liquids
The vape market is exploding, especially in the U.S., which is the world’s biggest market for e-cigarettes and e-juices. The exponential growth in the popularity of vaping, coupled with strong consumer demand for a variety of e-liquid flavors, is prompting vape shops, convenience stores, and online retailers to rapidly increase their inventory of e-liquid products. Vaping is more popular than ever, and the competition in the e-liquid market is fierce. And here is where savvy merchandisers can gain an edge in the market by distinguishing their products with unique, attention-grabbing packaging.

Custom paper tubes are the perfect solution for your e-juice packaging needs. Shelf space is gold, and the ability to make your brand the superstar on the shelves starts with your products’ packaging. Custom paper tubes are the perfect solution!

Smoke Your Competition with Shelf Appeal

Paper tubes are a twofold, winning solution for both shoppers and retailers. When vapers walk into a vape shop or convenience store or click on an ecommerce site, they are inundated with a dizzying array of e-liquids, many of which look exactly the same. Retailers face the same conundrum when deciding which brands they should carry on their limited shelf space. If your product isn’t memorable, it won’t be picked up, clicked on—or even given shelf space in the first place.

Build Brand Identity and Loyalty

Custom paper tube packaging will help you establish a strong brand identity, and the unique packaging style will make your products stand out from the bare bottles and cardboard boxes littering retail store shelves and ecommerce websites. The tube’s label can be customized to your specifications to include your company’s name and logo as well as information that consumers use to make a purchase decision, such as the PG/VG ratio, the nicotine level, a description of the e-juice flavor, and the batch number.

Whether you want your brand to be urban luxe or evoke images of the rustic Old West, paper tube packaging has a high quality look and feel that will delight consumers. They’ll also love the fact that, unlike many other forms of packaging, paper tubes are recyclable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Vape Custom Paper Tubes Are Practical, Too!

Unlike square boxes, cylindrical paper tubes perfectly wrap around e-liquid bottles, which both minimizes waste and helps protect the product, especially if your e-juice comes in glass bottles. Best of all, you get a deluxe look and feel without having to pay a luxury price: Vape paper tube packaging is inexpensive, and there is no minimum order requirement.

The Paper Tube Company offers custom e-liquid cardboard tubes, e-juice paper tubes, and e-cigarette packaging; contact us today for a quote.

Look Who’s Using Paper Tubes

Below are some examples of vape juice, e-cigarette and e-liquid companies, large and small, who use custom paper tubes to showcase their products. Infinite customization options are available – full color printing, custom die-cuts, barcodes and QR codes, sealing labels, foil stamping and embossing, and many others.

custom paper tubes for vape and e-liquids

Custom Paper Tube Packaging for Cosmetics & Beauty Products

Cosmetics Paper Tubes
Edgy design and real cost savings are the twofold advantage of using custom paper tubes for cosmetics packaging.

Supplying the “It” Factor

“It’s got the look!” That is the difference-maker that prompts a consumer to reach for one beauty product over another in this industry. While quality ingredients definitely matter, the emotional message a beautifully package delivers holds equal relevance to consumers. After all, how can a customer feel that a product will make them beautiful if it is not presented beautifully itself?

Luxury cosmetics packaging can be tricky. Your product’s package is the first impression your customers get of your brand. All packaging sends a message to a buyer. It is huge part of the “Why?” in a consumer’s buying decision and that is why it is so critical that your packaging design represents your brand well. The package is the beginning of the relationship between a manufacturer and their customer base. For a consumer, cosmetics packaging needs to look and feel as great as when they are actually using your product.

Going for the Green!

Green packaging is an environmental issue that smart companies must address to win over customers and capture their attention. This has become a growing concern for manufacturers of consumer products, including cosmetics and fragrances; consumers are demanding that the beauty industry adopt green packaging practices. The packaging has to be beautiful but practical, and it must deliver a message that it is eco-friendly.

In many cases, packaging transcends its original purpose. The packaging that we supply represents an eco-friendly ideal which people seek to identify with in their own value system.

Custom paper tubes are a great alternative to environmentally unfriendly plastic containers and dull cardboard cartons. Paper tubes designed to hold cosmetic and beauty products are affordable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Additionally, the packaging protects its contents, especially fragile glass fragrance bottles.

At the same time, paper tube packaging has a unique luxury look and feel that will make your cosmetics and beauty brand stand out on the shelf and delight your customers when they hold your products in their hands.

In addition to external packaging of fragrance bottles, skin care products, and cosmetics, non-porous paper tubes are available to directly package items such push-up lip balm, powders, and creams.

Paper Tubes Wrap Beautifully Around Your Budget, Too!

On top of all the features that your customers will see as benefits, perhaps the best feature of paper tube packaging is its cost-effectiveness. It gets the job done on numerous levels, including that ever-vital value-to-cost proposition.

Paper Tube Company is a supplier of custom designed cosmetics packaging wholesale; contact us today for a quote.

Look Who’s Using Paper Tubes

Below are some examples of beauty and cosmetics companies, large and small, who use custom paper tubes to showcase their products. Infinite customization options are available – full color printing, custom die-cuts, barcodes and QR codes, sealing labels, foil stamping and embossing, and many others.

Paper Tube Packaging for Cosmetics & Beauty Products