Custom Paper Tube Packaging for T-Shirts, Apparel, and Accessories

T-Shirt Paper Tubes
The apparel and fashion accessories industry is one of the toughest on Earth; competition is high, profit margins are razor-thin, and today’s consumers are choosier than ever. Using custom paper tubes for t-shirts, ties, socks, jeans, underwear, and other apparel will save you money, promote an environmentally conscious corporate image to your customers, enhance your brand, and help your products stand out in an intensively competitive market.

Think Outside the Bag

Remember, being innovative, creative, and cost-effective are key difference-makers in the world of packaging for fashion apparel and accessories. While customers are purchasing what’s inside a shipping package, what’s on the outside counts just as much because that’s what the customer sees first when they open their mailbox.

Think paper tube packaging. Because soft goods cannot be broken during shipping, many online sellers ship apparel items in plain plastic bags. While plastic bags are inexpensive, lightweight, and functional, they don’t do a thing to distinguish your brand, and they may even leave a bad first impression on today’s environmentally conscious consumers. Like plastic shipping bags, cardboard paper tubes are functional, lightweight, and inexpensive – but they also have a luxury look and feel that fashion consumers will love at first sight. Additionally, the design can be customized to your exact specifications; you can include your company’s logo, full color artwork, barcode labels, and more. And, unlike those wasteful plastic bags that end up clogging landfills, spiral paper tubes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so customers can reuse, re-purpose, or recycle them. It is a feature that just keeps on giving benefits to consumers, manufacturers, and retailers. There is true value in paper tube packaging.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Tubes”!

T-shirt paper tubes aren’t just a functional and inexpensive shipping option; they are also perfect for use in retail displays. Apparel items are a challenge to display in retail stores. If they are hung on racks or folded on shelves, shoppers will fling the pieces around, and the apparel becomes soiled or damaged, or ends up in unruly piles. Paper tube packaging eliminates those potential problems, protecting your merchandise from all types of shopping frenzies. And, its unique look is an attention-grabber that will make your product stand out among those bland unpackaged items, cardboard boxes, and plastic bags, catching customers’ eyes as they scan crowded store aisles. Let paper tubes be your secret sales agents!

The Paper Tube Company offers custom t-shirt tube packaging and custom paper tubes for socks, belts, underwear, ties, and all other types of apparel and fashion accessories, with no minimum order required. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Look Who’s Using Paper Tubes

Below are some examples of t-shirt, apparel and accessories companies, large and small, who use custom paper tubes to showcase their products. Infinite customization options are available – full color printing, custom die-cuts, barcodes and QR codes, sealing labels, foil stamping and embossing, and many others.

Paper Tube Packaging for Tshirts and Clothing